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$60K Year End Match

December 1-31, 2021

Why FCA Wrestling?

Our passion to see hearts drawn to Christ is what drives this ministry. We believe the influence of sports—and specifically the influence of a coach—is huge. So we engage, we equip, and we empower coaches and athletes to use their platform to make a difference for Christ in their realm of influence. The impact is powerful, the potential is endless, and God never disappoints. A few  highlights from last year include: 

  • Development of two amazing resources: Truth & Technique (hundreds of videos on wrestling technique along with truth from God’s Word) and our new devotional Our Surprising Savior: A Study in the Gospel of Matthew
  • Serving as Chaplain for USA Wrestling at 30 events
  • Hosting “live” summer wrestling camps that over 1000 wrestlers attended
  • See our entire Fiscal Year End Report here.

How Can You Help?

The ministry of FCA Wrestling does not exist without the support of people like you. In order to continue to grow our staff, seek new opportunities for outreach, and reach more hearts for Christ, we need your continued support.

We’ve been blessed to have a $60K year-end match opportunity presented to us as we close out this year. If we raise $60,000 during the month of December, loyal supporters will match that amount with an additional $60K. What a blessing!

Will you prayerfully consider how you can help us reach this year-end goal? Your gift of any amount is greatly appreciated. Click on the “Donate Today” button below to get involved. Together, and through God’s grace, we can make an impact. Thank you and God bless.

Steve Cochlan
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“You can be a great leader who has influence on people, moving them in a certain direction and instilling values. But if you want to be a mentor leader there is a whole other depth. We need to be transformative coaches, changing and drawing hearts to Christ.”

- Coach

Kyle Snyder
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“FCA Wrestling reminds me and others that while we may currently be wrestlers, we need to focus on the Lord in ALL that we do. The world would say what is temporary is important. FCA Wrestling stands firm that only Christ is important—a message we all need to hear."

Kyle Snyder

2016 Olympic Champion

Mark Manning
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“FCA Wrestling speaks to me from the heart. It’s a calling to influence others around us the way Christ did. It’s about giving of ourselves so God’s kingdom can grow stronger.”

Mark Manning

Head Wrestling Coach-University of Nebraska

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