2020 Year-End

$70K Match & Friendraiser

What a year it has been!

Sports seasons ended abruptly. Schools and businesses closed. Churches even had to close their doors. COVID-19 seemingly shut down just about everything
EXCEPT the power of God. Through it all, 2020 has been a reminder of God’s Grace, provisions, and blessings.

In the past year, God not only gave us insight into new ways of doing ministry, He also blessed us—through your support—with continued growth in several
areas. A few of our 2020 highlights include:

  • 4 new Regional staff were hired, giving us a total of 15 FCA Wrestling Area Reps/Directors.
  • Over 4,600 coaches and 34,500 were engaged through our virtual huddles, small groups, and camps.
  • Staff was hired specifically for girls’ wrestling, addressing the growing presence of females in the sport of wrestling.

$70K Year-End Match & Friendraiser

We have been given an amazing opportunity to help us continue growing in 2021. If we are able to raise $70,000 in the month of December, one of our loyal
supporters will match that amount with an additional $70,000. That means more new staff, more resources, more coaches and wrestlers reached, and all the
more glory to God.

Will you prayerfully consider how you can get involved with your financial support? You can make an impact and help us reach our goal with any amount. Click
the donate button below to join FCA Wrestling in seeing the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of wrestling coaches and wrestlers.
Thank you and God bless.

Steve Cochlan
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“Being a wrestler for many years, I still have a passion for the sport of wrestling. I love the sport and love Christ. The combination of these two loves is what drew me to FCA Wrestling. Now that I have been on the Board for several years, I am more enthused than ever since FCA Wrestling has grown considerably and is continuing to change the world for Christ.”

Steve Cochlan

Founder, retired CEO and President of The Cochlan Group (Chicago, IL)

Kyle Snyder
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“FCA Wrestling reminds me and others that while we may currently be wrestlers, we need to focus on the Lord in ALL that we do. The world would say what is temporary is important. FCA Wrestling stands firm that only Christ is important—a message we all need to hear."

Kyle Snyder

2016 Olympic Champion

Mark Manning
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“FCA Wrestling speaks to me from the heart. It’s a calling to influence others around us the way Christ did. It’s about giving of ourselves so God’s kingdom can grow stronger.”

Mark Manning

Head Wrestling Coach-University of Nebraska

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