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Ivan Chernenko, Area Director


“As a coach, I want athletes to learn to fully trust God and be steadfast in their Christian beliefs, no matter the circumstances. I want them to learn to be faithful in relationships, accept others and take care of them. Our athletes have started to understand that a gold medal is not the top of their dreams, but that you can become a true winner only by having a personal relationship with God. I want to make true followers of Christ who will love God, sports, and people. I want them to go to coaches and athletes who do not know Christ, serve them, and—when asked why they are serving—tell them about Christ. It is a privilege for me to serve in an organization with such a long history like FCA. I like being a part of a movement that has changed so many lives. FCA Wrestling helps reach the closed community of coaches and athletes with God’s Word.”


  • Came on staff with FCA Wrestling in 2017; the first staff member to represent the sport of wrestling internationally
  • In 2013, Ivan and his wife started the Unity Wrestling Club, which continues to serve many male and female athletes in the area
  • Hometown in Melitopol, Ukraine; lives in Odessa, Ukraine with wife Julia and two children—daughter Amina and son Misha
  • Organizes and leads yearly international mission trips that U.S. wrestlers and coaches take to Ukraine