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Bible Studies

The Miracles with Larry Brey and Heath Eslinger

A 6-week study on the miracles of Jesus in the book of John.

​In this Miracles series, we’ll unpack the Gospel of John and cover 6 miracles that Jesus gave the world. Jesus performed these miracles to show the world that He was the Messiah, so that we would believe He was the Messiah. So that YOU would believe… and not in some fairy tale version of Christianity – but in a tangible faith that meets you right where you are.

Each miracle reveals truth in Jesus Christ – and reveals truth in us. Unpacking these truths allows us to better know the Father, better know ourselves in Him and ultimately frees us to live a life in step with Jesus, outside the confines of society’s expectations. Join us as we unpack why Jesus gave us these miracles and how they are alive and working for in still today.


Putting Sports In Its Proper Perspective with Heath Eslinger


We love sports, and they hold an important place in our lives, but we know that if we are not careful sports can take on a role that negatively impacts us and our walk with Christ. This study will help you to identify how you currently value sports and create boundaries to protect certain areas of your life and keep athletics where it belongs. Join Heath Eslinger as he walks you through different areas of life where it is wise to have boundaries when it comes to sports.

The Gospel with Reid Monaghan


Highs and lows… just like many of our wrestling careers, the Gospel has highs a lows too. It starts with Creation – amazing, remarkable, miraculous. We’ve all had a few first periods like that! Then comes the fall of humanity – sin, chaos, pain. Those are the wrestling matches we like to forget.

The one thing that sets the Gospel apart from even the most victorious wrestling career or match – is that in the Gospel, the third period is always a win. It’s redemption in Christ and (spoiler alert) Jesus wins – He overcomes the evil in this world. You are invited, more than that – Jesus genuinely wants you to step into your faith and join Him in relationship. Join us as we explore the Gospel, the highs and lows, and discover how the living word of God is still at work in us today.

Spiritual Disciplines with Garret Barbush and Jason Seville


As coaches and wrestlers, we know that success on the mat requires healthy habits and daily discipline. To mature as a wrestler, you must train with intentionality and purpose. Similarly, daily rhythms and routines that recenter our hearts on God and remind us of the truth of the gospel can greatly help us mature in our walk with Christ.

In this series, Garret Barbush and Jason Seville take a deep dive into what God’s Word says about the habits of a spiritually mature disciple of Jesus Christ. Join Garret and Jason as they discuss disciplines that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, can deepen your faith and transform your life!