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Wrestling Camps

Reach your potential through comprehensive athletic,
spiritual, and leadership training.

FCA Wrestling “Camp 24”

“Camp 24” (a.k.a. “24 Hours With God Camp”) is one of our top wrestling camps held in various locations across the country throughout the year.

The combination of the best-of-the-best technicians, exceptional training, interaction with fellow wrestlers, and opportunities to grow in your faith—all packed into a 24-hour period—makes this camp one you will not forget.

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Slide 1 - Jordan Burroughs

Jordan Burroughs' comments after attending an FCA Wrestling Camp 24 as a Technician Coach in 2012.

"It stirred something in me. When people ask me what happened, what changed within you, it was that moment in which I really wanted to establish my was one of the most profound moments in my life."

View more of Jordan's story in our "On the Mat" video series.

Jordan Burroughs
Team USA
2012 Olympic Champion

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Slide 1 - Jordan Burroughs

"(FCA Wrestling Camp) is a good opportunity for our guys to not only learn from great talent, national champions and wonderful college coaches, but to also get closer to God and take that next step forward in their spiritual relationship."

Austin Panell
Head Wrestling Coach
Fort Payne High School (Alabama)

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Slide 1 - Jordan Burroughs

"(The best part of camp) is the worship and the motivation. My favorite thing is chapel...when you can hear all the wrestlers singing together. That’s really cool. You can’t get that anywhere else."

FCA Wrestling Camper
Camp 24

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Slide 1 - Jordan Burroughs

"For me, (FCA Wrestling Camp) is about building that camaraderie with my team. Worship was really an eye-opener for the boys…seeing other kids step out and accept Christ was a big deal and good for them to see."

Marquis Dotson
Head Wrestling Coach
Christian Academy Knoxville (Tennessee)

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2022 FCA Camp Theme: EVERY

As a coach or athlete, every rep adds up. Every practice matters. Every play counts. You give all your efforts and energies in everything you have to your sport, team, and even the fans. Often, it’s the world’s approval that fuels the enthusiasm and passion you have to be the best at your sport.

The truth is, we already have everything we need in Christ. It’s His approval we should be after and for His glory that we should be putting on our jersey or picking up our playbook and whistle. When we realize this, we can live every day for the Lord and receive the spiritual blessings He has in store for us. (See theme verse: Ephesians 1:3)

About FCA Camps

What Are FCA Camps?

FCA Camps provide athletes and coaches the opportunity to reach their God-given potential in an athletic environment that produces spiritual transformation.

Who Can Attend FCA Camps?

FCA Camps are for those who have been on a sports team, or are currently on or entering a sports team. Age groups include youth through adults.

Types of FCA Camps

Coaches Camps

For single and married coaches and their families to encourage them as coaches.

Leadership Camps

For student athletes, huddle coaches, and volunteers who serve as leaders.

Partnership Camps

FCA partnering with an existing camp to provide spiritual or athletic programs.

Power Camps

Typically for athletes ages 8-12 who want to develop their skills in a particular sport.

Sports Camps

Summer multi-sport camps and sport-specific camps for athletes and coaches.

Team Camps

Coaches enroll their team in camp for competition, to build team unity, and more.