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Your Best You

A prominent pastor recently said, “The main requirement for spiritual growth is a yearning to know who you really are.” Until we know our Creator, it is difficult to fully know ourselves or our true purpose in life. The more we dig deeper into knowing God, the more we understand His plan for us and how to live it out every day. FCA Wrestling and FCA offer multiple resources—specifically for you as a competitor—to help you in your spiritual growth. There is no better time than today to pursue the journey!

Bibles for Competitors

FCA Wrestling New Testament Bible

Specifically created for the sport of wrestling, the FCA Wrestling New Testament Bible (NLT version) includes 19 inserts with inspiring testimonies from top coaches and wrestlers, a study in the Gospel of John, a guide to understanding God’s design for your life, and more.  $10.95 each.

Additional Bibles

Devotionals for Competitors

Who Is Jesus?

A Study in the Gospel of John

How do we answer the question of “Who is Jesus”? Our answer changes everything. It’s an answer that has eternal implications on our lives. Find out more in this 30-day devotional that includes inspiring testimonies from wrestling standouts Jordan Burroughs and Kyle Snyder.

Our Surprising Savior

A Study in the Gospel of Matthew

Jesus certainly wasn’t what most people expected. As you journey through the book of Matthew, you will get a fresh look at Jesus’ amazing words and deeds. Also included in this 30-day devotional are testimony pages featuring Joey McKenna and Kevin Jackson.

More Devotionals, Reading Plans, and Resources

More Resources to Check Out

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