FCA Devotionals

FCA Wrestling devotionals are published in partnership with Today in the Word—a ministry of Moody Bible Institute. Each 30-day devotional is customized to speak directly to the heart of a wrestler with testimony pages featuring top icons in the sport of wrestling today. You will also find their insights and commentary in the Discussion Questions that accompany each lesson. FCA Wrestling devotionals are $5.95/ each; bulk discounts are available for case orders. Email us for more information.

$5.95 each

Bulk discounts available on case orders. Email us more information.

Who Is Jesus?

How do we answer the question of “Who is Jesus”? Our answer changes
everything. It’s an answer that has eternal implications on our lives. Find
out more in this 30-day devotional that includes inspiring testimonies
from wrestling standouts Jordan Burroughs and Kyle Snyder.

More To Come

Keep an eye out!

We will have more devotionals to come this year.