bible studies

The Miracles with Larry Brey and Heath Eslinger

A 6-week study on the miracles of Jesus in the book of John.

​In this Miracles series, we’ll unpack the Gospel of John and cover 6 miracles that Jesus gave the world. Jesus performed these miracles to show the world that He was the Messiah, so that we would believe He was the Messiah. So that YOU would believe… and not in some fairy tale version of Christianity – but in a tangible faith that meets you right where you are.

Each miracle reveals truth in Jesus Christ – and reveals truth in us. Unpacking these truths allows us to better know the Father, better know ourselves in Him and ultimately frees us to live a life in step with Jesus, outside the confines of society’s expectations. Join us as we unpack why Jesus gave us these miracles and how they are alive and working for in still today.